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Noelle Knight was born in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1967. By the age of eleven she was studying with her mother's college painting professor, John Laska. At sixteen Noelle moved to Indianapolis and studied the human figure at both Herron School of Art and The Indianapolis Art Center.

Noelle continued her art studies at Indiana University where she majored in Medical Illustration. While there, she dissected human cadavers and created illustrations from the dissections as part of the specialized major. Noelle also gained experience as an illustrator by working for the medical sciences and biology departments at Indiana University.

Artistic Anatomy professor Bonnie Sklarski played a pivotal role in Noelle's training at that point. Sklarski's extensive knowledge, in-depth research, and enthusiasm for anatomy was passed on to her many eager students, one of whom was Noelle. After studying with Sklarski for four years Noelle decided to focus on Anatomy as a professional painter rather than as a medical illustrator. Sklarski strongly encouraged Noelle to attend The New York Academy of Art for graduate school.

In 1990 Noelle attended The New York Academy where she received a scholarship. She focused again on anatomy as well as training in the Academic Tradition. Noelle notes Ted Schmidt and Martha Erlebacher as strong influences in her education at the school. After receiving a Master in Fine Arts from the Academy, Noelle taught Anatomical Drawing at The University of Rochester Memorial Art Gallery and later at The Indianapolis Art Center. She has had several private students as well.

Noelle's paintings are in public and private collections throughout the United States, including Rose Hulman Institute of Technology and Manchester College.

Noelle Knight lives with her husband, actor Jason Evans Lee, and her son in New York City.